Oops! He said it out loud.

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Video from earlier this year shows Republican Sen. Steve Erdman of Nebraska essentially saying that abortion needs to be illegal because it’s causing a worker shortage.

And not just any worker shortage, a shortage of non-foreigner/non-refugee workers. Hmm, so, what I’m hearing him say is there are not enough (natural-born? white?) workers, which means women need to be forced to birth babies so the worker pool stays at capacity and businesses won’t ever have to increase wages.

Per the rules of supply and demand in this system we’ve got going, not enough workers (supply) means workers become a scarce commodity, which then fetch a higher dollar amount (market pricing) when needed (demand) by businesses and corporations. Yeah, we certainly don’t want businesses having to pony up livable wages and reasonable benefits while having to compete for employees or anything like that.

It’s a much better working system (for them) when workers are plentiful and clamoring at the doorstep of big business begging for jobs just to get or keep a roof over their heads, accepting whatever garbage health insurance plan may be offered (if ANY in a lot of cases) because the astronomical costs of healthcare in this country are too much for any regular person to shoulder.

But privatized health insurance in America doesn’t exist to fill the needs of an employee’s healthcare and related costs. It exists to make as much money as possible for itself while paying out as little as possible to its subscribers. This is why there is such a crisis of denied claims, selective formularies, and sixty million hoops to jump through before having any chance of getting coverage approved for any even remotely serious condition (and even for quite common and manageable conditions). They’re playing a numbers game and hoping you kick it or get too tired to fight anymore.

Keep those babies coming, because they’re gonna need more to fill the spots opening up from the poor, malnourished, sick and mistreated workers that will probably be dropping dead very soon.

Helluva system we have here right?

And yet, somehow, they keep selling it and the people keep buying it. What’s up with that?

Universal healthcare? Nah, you don’t want that! People in countries with that die waiting for healthcare. <cough> Uhm, first of all, that’s not even true. And second of all, people in America die waiting for healthcare because they’re spending their last breaths fighting insurance companies to cover life-saving medications and procedures and bowing to the decisions of insurers instead of following the treatment plans provided for them by their actual medical doctors.

And that’s just for those who can even take the time to tend to their healthcare needs and argue with their insurance companies. Lots of people can’t afford to take the time off from work they’d need to visit doctors and make necessary phone calls—whether that’s for routine preventative care or for ongoing health issues!

So save the bullshit. Everything is by design to keep the people down and the wealthy political “elite” and corporate owners on top, while convincing the people that they too can achieve the so-called American Dream, while knowing damn well that the system currently in place will never allow it.

It’s all simply a mirage intended to keep you working—working HARD—every day, striving for the promise of the unattainable, for the benefit of their bottom lines, for the entirety of your lives. And, as they’ve so much as admitted, ensuring a plentiful supply of replacement bodies to use and abuse for eternity by taking away family planning rights and forcing people to have babies whether they want them or not.

F–k you, Corporate America, and f–k you too, GOP, for having absolutely no shame at all!

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