Not a Drill: The Future of American Democracy & Freedom Depend on You

In a bone-chilling piece published in The New York Times yesterday morning (July 17, 2023), the goals of Trump's plans for a second term are clearly laid out and will bring an end to life as we know it. What is that goal? "...[T]o alter the balance of power by increasing the president's authority over every part of the federal government..."

It *Really IS* a Battle for the Soul of the Nation

There’s a. lot. going on these days. Feeling like the mighty walls of our democratic republic are crumbling down all around you? I get it. I feel it too. Did any of us really expect anything else to happen? We’ve lived on borrowed time, it seems, with merely the facade of a just and fair and representative government. I wish I could pinpoint the moment in history when it stopped...

Dear Florida: An Open Letter

Dear Florida, I’m writing to you today from a place of great heartache. I know I’ve been rather distant in recent years, and the divide between us continues to grow deeper and wider with each passing day. We had a good run back in the day. The thoughts and memories of your sunshine, your glorious palms, beautiful ocean views, and fabulous sunsets and sunrises kept me going and got me...


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