Embryos are Children, so They’ll be Eligible for Child Tax Credits, Right?

The world-at-large continues its topsy-turvy brand of outrageous as this week a group of Supreme Court justices in Alabama rule that frozen embryos stored outside the uterus are children. Ok then, time to start assigning social security numbers to all these children so their parents can list them on their annual income taxes and get the deductions, child and earned income tax credits they deserve...

Not a Drill: The Future of American Democracy & Freedom Depend on You

In a bone-chilling piece published in The New York Times yesterday morning (July 17, 2023), the goals of Trump's plans for a second term are clearly laid out and will bring an end to life as we know it. What is that goal? "...[T]o alter the balance of power by increasing the president's authority over every part of the federal government..."

Designs by AnnotherVoice

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming today with this very important announcement: Designs by AnnotherVoice is now live! Ok, cool… but what is it? Designs by AnnotherVoice is the moniker for our new online storefronts featuring our very own politically-charged designs for speaking up and speaking out about some of the important issues we’re facing as we head into upcoming...


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