Why Biden’s Age Shouldn’t Matter So Much

Joe Biden is not your average grandpa. Yes, he will be 81 by the time the 2024 election rolls around. That other guy (the purported Republican front-runner) will be 78. It’s less than three and a half years difference. That’s not even a full presidential term’s difference!

One of these men takes care of themselves and lives a relatively healthy lifestyle. One of these men does not.

Joe Biden exercises. He bikes, he lifts weights, he does cardio. Sure, he enjoys (and indulges in) frozen dairy treats. Okay, maybe a lot. Even ice cream every day of the week is likely a healthier choice than daily fast-food “hamberders” and fried chicken.

Biden is probably in better overall health and level of fitness than most Americans in general, let alone those in his own age range. Like I said, Joe Biden is NOT your average grandpa. And he’s definitely not the picture of a grandpa from 50 years ago either. Trying to write him off as though he were, is simply a malady of society and it’s pervasive ageism.

“President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief.”

Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., FAAFP – Physician to the President

He takes care of himself, his body, and his mind. He’s got a large, loving, caring family surrounding and supporting him. He’s not the least bit ashamed or in any way hesitant about publicly releasing the details of his current state of health either.

Oh, and he loves dogs too! I’m pretty sure being an animal lover automatically adds years to your life, right? Yep! Dog owners not only live longer, they recover from major health events faster and are likely to have lower levels of stress hormones. Go figure!

Would it have been awesome to have someone younger and more progressive with all the same promise and ability to keep the greater evil out of the White House? Yes. But that didn’t happen.

So give the ageism malarkey a rest, will ya?

He ran his first term on “Build Back Better” with plans to rebuild America’s middle class from the bottom up and the middle out. Now he wants to “Finish the Job” by continuing to invest in America and its future—which, by extension, means investing in *you*. (And he’s working really hard at it too, even MTG agrees!) [Alternate link for those not willing to click over to the bird site/X whatever the heck they’re calling it… via MSNBC segment clip on YouTube.]

If you’re wondering what he’s done so far, here are some highlights:

  • The American Rescue Plan – Provided COVID-19 relief, which included direct payments to the public, extended unemployment benefits, and assistance with childcare costs.
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill – A hefty commitment toward fixing roads and bridges, upgrading railways, repairing and bolstering our power infrastructure (electric!), and expanding broadband access. It also, by extension, creates hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs across the nation.
  • The Inflation Reduction Act – Provides investments in clean energy and climate change mitigation, extends Affordable Care Act subsidies, establishes a 15% corporate tax rate for companies with annual earnings more than $1 billion, and boosts the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to audit big businesses for tax evasion.
  • Judiciary Reform – Appointment of more than 100 new judges (at the appellate and Supreme Court level combined) that exemplify the diversity of America. 
  • The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – Bolsters red flag laws and mental health resources, while also extending background checks and expanding the “boyfriend loophole” to include those convicted of domestic violence regardless of whether they are married to the victim.
  • The Respect for Marriage Act – Repealing Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act and compelling federal and state government to recognize same-sex marriages/unions created in locations where they are legal even if Obergefell v. Hodges were overturned in the future.

Has he met every goal he’s aimed at (yet?), no, but he’s moving us in the right direction. Yes, there’s still a lot more work to do. That’s why he wants to finish the job!

Considering the alternative (which sounds a lot like the end of the great American experiment to me), there’s no way in the world I’d vote for anyone else. I’d much rather take smaller steps forward toward the change I’d like to see than take none at all. And to that end, I am 100% absolutely certain I don’t want to tumble backwards!

We’re gonna get there—we really are—and we’re gonna get there together! Vote Blue and support the party that really is working for *you*.

Biden Harris or Bust 2024

More *real* winning coming from the Biden admin: Morgan Stanley credits Bidenomics for ‘much stronger’ than expected GDP growth – “Morgan Stanley now projects 1.9% GDP growth for the first half of this year. That’s nearly four times higher than the bank’s previous forecast of 0.5%.”

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