Stand Up. Show Up. Speak Up.


Look at the world around you from the lens of another. Look at it from beyond the confines of your immediate circle. Look past the pressures of your own immediate needs.

Do so without judgment or bias. Look with fresh eyes, an open mind, and an open heart.

See the turmoil. See the injustice. See the hatred. See the fear.

Push hard against the tough skin of that seemingly impenetrable bubble in which your life takes place.

Pop it.

Breathe deep of the air we all share.

See the truth.

Take note of the young mother counting her change at the checkout counter hoping she has just enough for the diapers, or the baby food, or the fever reducer.

Take note of the homeless vet, let down by the very country they served.

Take note of everyone around you, moving about face down, zoned in on their screens, NOT noticing the world around them.

Then stand up. Then show up. Then speak up.

Shit isn’t going to fix itself.

It’s not their problem—it’s OUR problem. It’s humanity’s problem. It’s society’s problem.

Do your part.

Stop being complacent. Stop assuming someone else will fix things. Stop blaming. Stop shaming. Stop judging.

Get involved.


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