Tentative trial date set in Trump documents case

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon sets a tentative trial date of August 14 for the Trump classified documents case. The case will be heard in the federal Southern District of Florida, a federal jurisdiction known for its “rocket docket” that pushes to begin trials much faster than other jurisdictions.

The procedural order requires that all pretrial motions be filed by July 24 and sets aside only two weeks for the trial itself.

Does that mean the Trump’s federal trial will begin on August 14?

Not likely. As we’re all well aware, Trump’s modus operandi (m.o.) is to stall and delay. His legal team is expected to file multiple motions, including motions to dismiss and challenges against discovery and disclosure, that could ultimately push the date out up to a year or more.

In the meantime…

Trump is doing himself no favors in regard to the 37 felony charges he’s facing.

In a recent interview (his first, I believe, since being indicted in the documents case) with Fox’s Bret Baier, he floated some new excuses for not returning the documents, such as he was “too busy” and needed more time to sort through them to retrieve his personal belongings—like golf shirts, pants, and shoes!

Of course, he also continued his rallying cry that he “did nothing wrong” and had “every right to have those boxes.” Let’s be clear—not only has he done many things wrong, but he also had NO right to any of those documents, and that’s why he’s facing 37 federal felony charges.

Baier countered with *actual facts* and pushed back during the interview at several points. It seems Fox is done catering to him? Time will tell.

Overall though, he’s certainly making the job for his legal defense team harder every single time he opens his mouth. He’s also doing a stellar job of dropping additional supportive bits and sometimes even what seem like outright confessions of guilt right into U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s lap.

Works for me! It probably works just fine for Smith, too.

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