Are you hoarding our nation’s secrets in your bathroom?

Content Warning: Language

No? Then this battle isn’t yours to fight. Put your wallet away. Stop sending this man your hard-earned money, he can pay his lawyers on his own. Put your guns away, he’s not worth the time you’ll serve in prison.

He is using you—plain and simple.

Have you even read the federal indictment? If you have, you’ve probably already put away your wallet and laid down your arms.

*This* is not about taking away your freedom (though there are many things that are, in fact, about taking away your freedom, but we’ll leave that topic for another day).

*This* is about a man who took possession of top secret, secret, and classified documents that belong to the government.

*This* is about a man who was asked to return those documents.

*This* is about a man who refused to return them and then proceeded to conspire to *willfully hide* those documents.

*This* is about a man willing to sell out an entire nation (Every. Single. One. Of. Us. including *you*) to hold on to power and protect his own ass.

Beyond that point, it has absolutely nothing to do with *you*. He’s telling you that it does, because he believes that will help insulate him. He is not the front-line defense protecting you. *You* are the front-line defense he’s hoping will protect him.

He does not care what happens to you while you’re trying to fight his fight that isn’t yours to fight.

Yes, you absolutely should be enraged and you have every right to be.

BUT that rage should not be directed at the justice system for doing its job.

You should be enraged at *this man* who has repeatedly used *you*, repeatedly lied to *you*, taken *your* money, broken up *your* family, destroyed *your* relationships, and left you to struggle through it all on your own while he happily sat to take a shit on his gaudy golden toilet before teeing up at a golf course to laugh about how easily he can lead you around.

FFS! Have some respect for yourself.

Stop being this man’s bootlicker… his stooge, his lackey, his doormat, his flunky, his puppet, his pawn…!

For clarification purposes, all uses of “this man” and “a man” in this post are referring to Donald J. Trump.

Re: The United States of America v. Donald J. Trump and Waltine Nauta 
(aka the Mar-a-Lago documents case)  

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