No, the church is NOT supposed to direct the US government.

Can we all just take a few minutes to think back on our early history lessons?

In response to: Boebert says she is 'tired' of separation between church and state: 'The church is supposed to direct the government'

Let’s begin with why many of the settlers in the original colonies came here: specifically to escape religious persecution. I may not remember much from elementary school, but I definitely remember learning that!

Religious persecution, as defined by, is “the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or their lack thereof.”

In 17th Century Europe, both the Protestants and Catholics believed there was only one true religion. They also each believed it was the duty of civil authorities (government) to impose it, even forcibly, on all citizens. As two separate religions, this meant that not only did they persecute those who followed neither Protestant nor Catholic doctrines, but they also persecuted each other based on each believing that their religion was the one true religion.

Sound familiar? It should, because that is exactly what the Christian right is attempting to do here—forcibly impose their Christian beliefs upon everyone by attempting to redefine the meaning of the Bill of Rights’ establishment clause.

Boebert’s belief that the Founding Fathers did not intend government to direct the church, but rather the church to direct the government, is an overreach of epic proportion.

She’s not alone in this belief. It has fast become one of the rallying cries of the GOP.

Which is why this year’s midterm elections are undeniably the most important of my lifetime, and perhaps yours as well. It is imperative that we get out and vote blue in numbers much too large to ignore!

It’s not just any election, it’s our last chance to choose democracy or risk forever losing it along with all the freedom of choice we seem to have been taking for granted.

Seriously, get out and vote blue. Take your friends and family with you!

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