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Dude, Where’s My President?

OK, I’ll just be Biden my time. It’s so crazy my mind keeps trying to explain it away as some sort of alternate reality dimension but, alas, this is life in America today. And let’s be real, during the run to the 2016 election, this is exactly the sort of insanity we predicted would happen and why we worked so hard trying to keep Humpty Trumpty out of that big white house in DC. If only...

Enough of this shitshow, can we please get an adult back in the White House?

I’m tired. I’m betting you’re tired too. It’s been 84 days since Gov. Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania) ordered all schools to close and shortly thereafter all non-life sustaining business statewide to shutter. I wasn’t mad about it. I was glad to do my part to help flatten the curve. And of course, I didn’t want to risk getting sick either. Every person in my household...


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