For those who have been here before, you may notice that a very large portion of the blog’s archives have been cleared out and only a handful or so of existing posts were allowed to remain.

Moving forward, the site will continue to feature commentary and op-ed style posts mostly related to United States politics and other U.S. issues including, but not limited to, matters of health and welfare, economy, environment, equality, voting rights and access, etc., as well as similar topics on a worldwide scale as so related.

We lean left and progressive left in varying degrees that are quite often issue-dependent. AnnotherVoice is committed to exemplifying inclusive positions. As both an organization and an individual, AnnotherVoice and its respective owner(s), writers, staff, contributors, and any other representatives thereof, strongly believes in and supports the following (in no particular order):

Science is real.
Black Lives Matter.
Climate change is real.
Transgender Lives Matter.
Living wages are essential.
Equal work deserves equal pay.
Women’s rights are human rights.
Investment in education benefits all.
Religion has no place in United States government.
Gender conformity is an oppressive social construct.
Health care (including mental, dental, and vision) is a human right.

These are unwavering fundamental positions that AnnotherVoice stands firmly behind. In regard to other aspects of life and government, there is always value to be found in tactful, factual, intellectual debate of issues; expanded understanding from perspectives and cultures other than our own; and consideration of new and fully vetted information as it becomes available.

We’d like to believe that, above and beyond the political aisles we each choose to walk, there remains an underlying unified interest in achieving and maintaining those original ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No single person or political party will ever have all the answers to every issue this country and its peoples face, but there must be answers out there somewhere.

If we can all just step outside the boxes and look beyond our differences to combine our strengths and work together, we just may find some solutions that can work for everyone.


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